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Political Science 1/24/08 Read pages 15-24, 64-83 in Texas Politics Review Sheet online 25 Questions the essence of government is collection action Types of Security State security involves the protecting the borders from outside threat Regime security the ability of the king to protect his power. National Security is the protection of the interests or survival of ethnic groups within the borders Individual Security is protecting the single individual Group dynamics stick together and your chances are better…Gladiator Power is the ability to get something done. Authority is a type of power, subcategory of power, if a person accepts someone’s decision to do something for them Anarchy the absence of any kind of authority Alliance is a group of people that agree to combine their resources and their abilities to provide some sort
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Unformatted text preview: of collective benefit pop 3.9 mill in texas. half of population are immigrants. majority minority state- for the first time the minorities have the majority. this increase in the 1990s in the largest increase in population in a decade in the history of the south due to immigration. Legislation was all democratic before gov BUSH in 1995 Republican party targets minorities. because of increase in immigration, Texas switched over to republican Increase in urban cities, downtown area. increase in population around Texas and Mexico border. There are more old people in Texas now than before, population is aging interest are changing, old people are more likely to vote than young people....
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