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*Find notes for 11/17 POLITICAL SCIENCE 11/22 MacEavelie- Realist because he says you have to look at the real ideas that face us. Governments goal to provide security for citizens Darth Vader- better to be feared than loved. Violence against people quickly. John Locke- Theres no laws, no government, no justice. Life, Liberty, Property are natural born rights. Government to protect Property. Limited Government Russo – French, Social contract (wrote) Idealist. Civilized society with government is bad; Government is the problem Ideology- Classic Liberalism: {Hobbes, Locke} people free from government constraint.
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Unformatted text preview: Limited government Libertarians: Closest to up. Need military, police, roads. Limited Government Classic Conservative: Maintain status quo. Don’t Question long standing ideas Communist: Carl Marx Populism: Favor Government Intervention. Increase education, welfare, minimum wage, etc. Contemporary conservatives: No equality. Use legislation to guide behavior. Not in favor or government services (ex. Food Stamps) contemporary liberalism: intervene with programs (welfare)...
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