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chem elements - CHEM 107 Dr M P Scriaga Elements Compounds...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 107 Dr. M. P. Scriaga Elements, Compounds, Chemical Formulas, Oh My. .. Common chemical substances found in Tables in the textbook Table 2.2 Table 2.3 Table 2.5 Table 2.6 Table 2.7 Table 3.1 Table 3.2 Table 4.1 Table 5.2 (Gases) Table 8.] (Solutions) Common chemical substances found in the textbook C60: Fullerene CH30H: Methyl alcohol (methanol) CH3CHOH (C2H50H): Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) KMnO4 : Potassium permanganate O3 : Ozone H28 : Hydrogen sulfide HCN: Hydrogen cyanide HCOOH: Formic acid B3804: Barium sulfate KC103 : Potassium chlorate CaCO; : Calcium carbonate ZnSO4: Zinc sulfate Ca(OH)2: Calcium hydroxide NaZCOJi Sodium carbonate (NH4)ZSO4: Ammonium sulfate AlClg: Aluminum trichloride AgNO; : Silver nitrate H3PO4: PhoSphoric acid H202: Hydrogen peroxide CgHg: Benzene CCl4: Carbon tetrachloride CS; : Carbon disulfide Fe203: Iron (III) oxide A1203: Aluminum oxide CuSO4: Copper sulfate A1(OH)3: Aluminum hydroxide Ba(OH)2: Barium hydroxide CHJCOOH: Acetic acid Cr207'2: Dichromate ion Cr203: Chromium (III) oxide MgCO3: Magnesium carbonate NH4C1: Ammonium chloride HSO4': Hydrogen sulfate ion Ca(N03)2 : Calcium nitrate C2H4: Ethylene (ethane) BaCOg: Barium carbonate NaHC03: Sodium hydrogen carbonate ZnS : Zinc Sulfide NaHS: Sodium hydrogen sulfide C2H1: Acetylene (ethyne) Other chemical substances derivable fi'om those shown above E.g.: K28, KHS, SrC03, KHC03, CH3COONa, HCOONa= FeO, MgSO4‘ KgCrZOT, MnOt' etc. ...
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