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Brandon Smith 11/9/07 Chem 107 Experiment 9 Chemical Kinetics: Experimental Determination of a Rate Law In this experiment, our objective was to find the rate law for a chemical reaction. We observed the reaction between crystal violet and sodium hydroxide. We conducted two different experiments one with crystal violet and .2 M NaOH solution, and another, with .1 M NaOH. We started by calibrating the colorimeter. We did this by filling a cuvette three fourths the way full with water, and placing it in the calorimeter, then recording the voltage. Once the colorimeter was calibrated, we put the first solution, an equal mixture of crystal violet and .2 M NaOH, into the colorimeter to test the absorbance versus the time.
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Unformatted text preview: Once we let it set for approximately five minutes we saw that the reaction was second order. The second time, the same crystal violet solution and .1 M NaOH solution was equally mixed and put into a cuvette to be placed into the colorimeter. Then after another five minutes, we saw that this reaction was also a second order reaction. We saw that by fitting the data to a linear fit, we found that both reaction were second order. We did this by arranging the graph to where the time was the x axis and one over the absorbance was the y axis. The slope of the part A experiment was 5.837, while the slope of part B was .9938. We found that for the slope, or k in a second order reaction, the units, %T/min....
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