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E&J questions week 4 anne

E&J questions week 4 anne - Anne-Camille Charpi Tracey...

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Anne-Camille Charpié Tracey Stark Ethics and Justice February 12th 2008 Reading questions The Fact of Blackness 1. A black man come to experience his own being through others because they place judgment on the black man, making them realize that the are alive. In the text, it says that "their attention was a liberation, running over my body suddenly abraded into non-being, endowing me once more with an agility that i had thought lost, and by taking me out of the world, restoring me to it.". Furthermore, if a black man was to stay among his own he would not be able to experience his own because he would not realize the judgments that others would place on him. 2. Fanon says that a black man must be black in relation to the white man because the "black man has no ontological resistance in the eyes of the white man". In other words, the white man sees the black man as inferior but the black man would not see it that way if it wasn't for the white man. 3. In the beginning Fanon is fine with the fact that he is perceived as a Negro, he laughs any remark off.
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