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Emerson College 2/2007 v 1 Common Elements of a Marketing Plan 1) Table of contents 2) Executive Summary  a) Situational Summary-- Summarize the key points from your situation analysis (market analysis,  segments, industry/competition) in order to recount the major events and provide information to  better understand the strategies outlined in the marketing plan.  3) Company Description 4) Strategic Focus and Plan (company based) a) Mission b) Goals c) Core Competencies 5) Situational Analysis (based mainly on your specific product) a) SWOT b) Industry Analysis  c) Competition d) Company Analysis     e) Customer Analysis (motivations, needs/wants/ cultural values/ norms ,…) 6) Product-Market Focus  (your product) a) Target Markets b) Differentiation Perceptual Maps are good- based on input from casual research c) Positioning  May use BCG ‘DOGS/COWS’ matrix to show where brand/line extensions/ related products 
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Unformatted text preview: in portfolio are positioned 7) Marketing Program Mix a) Product Strategy b) Promotion Strategy Promotion • Promo Matrix • [extra credit: examples of current (<6 mo.) promo incl. Mobile, online, print, direct mail,…] c) Distribution Strategy d) Pricing Strategy e) Sample promo idea 8) Financial Data and Projection a) Past Sales Revenues (product specific; or, marketshare info; any ideas on costs/margins) b) Three-Year Projections by Market Emerson College 2/2007 v 1 9) Organization – Indicate departments/functions that have responsibilities for implementing the marketing plan with names of who (name/title) is involved in your product line/ business unit and what they do. 10) Critical Issues for future success...
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marketing%20plan-1 - in portfolio are positioned 7...

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