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BUSI 3502 A BUSI 3502 C/ECON 3502 C PRINCIPLES OF INVESTMENTS Winter 2008 Instructor: Howard Nemiroff Phone Number: 520-2600, ext. 2038 Email: nemiroff@sprott.carleton.ca Office hours: Thursday, 10:00-12:00 or by appointment Office: Dunton Tower 1713 Class: Thurs. 2:35 – 5:25 103 SC IM info; MSN: hbnfin@hotmail.com Prerequisites BUSI 2505, and ECON2202 or STAT 2607. The School of Business enforces all prerequisites. Course Description The objective of this course is to provide students with the tools necessary to become successful investors or portfolio/money managers. A rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis of the money and capital markets is offered, with the primary focus on the North American markets. There is a detailed examination of how and where securities are traded and how they are valued, providing insight in to how investors appropriately allocate funds across different investment vehicles. This course focuses primarily on an examination of the equity markets in North America. A detailed examination of the trading process and the function of securities markets are presented. This is followed by exposure to the concepts of risk and return, specifically analyzing the role played in security valuation and in portfolio diversification Required Text: Bodie et al., Investments , 5 th Canadian Edition, McGraw-Hill, Ryerson, 2005. Recommended Text: Malkiel, B., A Random Walk Down Wall Street , Norton. 1
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Note: There is a required enrolment in Stocktrak for $23.95USD per student, and a $2 per student charge for the National Post and financial data. Grading: Mid-term Exam 35% (Thursday, February 28 th , in class) Trading Project (see below) 15% Final Examination 50% Total 100% NOTE: Problem sets will be placed on WebCT on a regular basis. It is expected that all students complete the sets in order to be adequately prepared for class. Deferred Examinations Students unable to write a final examination because of illness or other circumstances beyond their control may apply within 5 days of the final examination to the Registrar’s Office for permission to write a deferred examination. Permission can be granted by this committee when the absence is supported by a medical certificate or other document. However, deferred examinations are not granted to students who make travel plans that conflict with the examination period. Medical Notes Please note, that in this course, in all occasions that call for a medical certificate you must use or furnish the information demanded in (http://www.carleton.ca/registrar/forms/Med_Cert_%20Carleton_University.pdf) IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED CALCULATOR IN BUSI COURSE EXAMINATIONS
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outline%20W080 - BUSI 3502 A BUSI 3502 C/ECON 3502 C...

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