Lab 7 - Synthesis of Sulfanilamide

Lab 7 - Synthesis of Sulfanilamide - Jin Bae CHEM-242L...

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CHEM-242L Synthesis of Sulfanilamide Performed: 3/22/2007 Written: 3/27/2007 Purpose The purpose of this lab is to understand how to synthesize sulfanilamide, while learning the chemistry behind it. Reactions Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Density Sulfanilamide 172g/mo l 162°C Acetanilide 135.17 g/ mol 113– 115 °C 304 °C 1.219 g/cm³ Chlorosulfonic acid 116.52 g mol −1 −80 °C 151-152 °C 1.753 g cm −3 HCl 36.4606 g/mol -114.°C -85.1°C 1.477 g/l Para- acetaminobenzenesulfony l chloride 233g/mo l Acetic acid 60.05 g/ mol 16.5 °C 118.1 °C 1.049 g cm −3 NaHCO 3 84.007 g/ mol 2.159 g/cm³ Procedure Part One: Synthesis of para-Acetaminobenzenesulfonyl Chloride The chlorosulfonation of acetanilide in the preparation of sulfanilamide was conducted without solvent in a 125 ml filtration flask. 3g of solid was melted by heating the flask over a free flame. The flask was cooled while making provision for trapping the hydrogen chloride evolved in the chlorosulfonation. The side arm of the filtration flask was connected to the water aspirator. The flask was cooled in an ice bath, and then 6.5 ml of chlorosulfonic acid was added in 1-2ml portions from a capillary dropping tube. In 5-
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CHEM 241L taught by Professor Hunt during the Spring '08 term at UVA.

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Lab 7 - Synthesis of Sulfanilamide - Jin Bae CHEM-242L...

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