Experiment 7-Dehydration of 2-Methyl

Experiment 7-Dehydration of 2-Methyl - Jin Bae CHEM-241L...

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Jin Bae CHEM-241L Dehydration of 2-Methylcyclohexanol and Gas Chromatography Performed: 10/19/2006 Written: 10/24/2006 Purpose/Introduction The purpose of this lab was to dehydrate 2-methylcyclohexanol to obtain two isomers. Gas chromatography is used to separate the two, and determine the major product. The acid-catalyzed dehydration of 2-methylcyclohexanol can take place in two directions to give either 1-methylchyclohexene or 3-methylcyclohexene. Gas chromatography (GC), specifically gas-liquid chromatography involves a sample being vaporized and injected onto the head of the chromatographic column. The sample is transported through the column by the flow of inert, gaseous mobile phase. The column itself contains a liquid stationary phase which is adsorbed onto the surface of an inert solid. Reactions Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Density 2- Methylcyclohexanol 114.19 g/mol 7°C and -4 °C 165°C and 167- 168 °C 0.9304 phosphoric acid 98.0 g/mol 42 °C 213 °C
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Jin Bae CHEM-241L bromine Br 79.904g/mol 7.3 °C 58.8 °C Methylene chloride 84.93 g/mol −97 °C 40 °C Potassium permanganate 158.04 g/mol 270 °C 2.703 g/ cm 3 Procedure Part 1: Dehydration of 2-Methylcyclohexanol 1mL of 2-methycyclohexanol and 2mL of 85% phosphoric acid are mixed into a round bottom flask. A simple distillation model was set up. The contents were heated slowly. The heating was continued until 0.5 ~ 0.7mL of product was collected. The temperature was kept under 96°C. The product was dried for 10 minutes over the dry agent, calcium chloride. The product was ran through a pipette with glass wool in it. Part 2: Gas Chromatography
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Experiment 7-Dehydration of 2-Methyl - Jin Bae CHEM-241L...

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