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GOVT 386 Prelim_1_past_answers - Government 386 Spring 2008...

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Government 386 – Spring 2008 E XAMPLES OF F ULL C REDIT S HORT A NSWERS Here are some (anonymous) examples of full credit answers to the short answers of the in-class portion of past versions of Prelim #1. 1. Brinkmanship (example 1). Ned Lebow. The idea that you want to provoke another country and see them back down. The international game of “chicken.” You provoke/challenge an adversary in the hope/belief that they will back down, not because you want to start a war. This tends to happen when you have substantial rewards that you could reap or when the other party is seen as weak. One example might be the Cuban Missile Crisis when Kruschchev decided to “test” Kennedy’s resolve. Another might be before WWII with Hitler making demands. At times it can lead to war, like between India and China over borders. India thought that China would back down, but they did not. Important because it can be used in part to explain accidental wars. Also more likely before a shift in the balance of power, so it can be used to predict the timing of wars. (example 2). Ned Lebow uses the term “brinkmanship” to signify a nation’s challenge or escalation to a point just short of war, in expectation of the other side backing down, in order to gain certain advantages. According to Lebow, brinkmanship occurs when a nation witnesses competing powers gaining advantages, thereby causing an imbalance in power. To successfully achieve its objective, a nation moreover must communicate the threat clearly, must make the other nation believe the threat is defensible, and must have a specific aim which it seeks to gain by risking war. Brinkmanship, like the game of “chicken,” is only
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GOVT 386 Prelim_1_past_answers - Government 386 Spring 2008...

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