Experiment 3-Crystallization

Experiment 3-Crystallization - Jin Bae CHEM-241L...

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Jin Bae CHEM-241L Crystallization and Melting Points Performed: 9/21/2006 Written: 9/26/2006 Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to learn the techniques of crystallization and identify unknown substances through the use of crystallization and melting points. Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance M.W B.P. (°C) M.P. (°C) Density bibenzyl 182 284 50 - 53 1.014 biphenyl 154.2 1 255 69 - 72 5.31 1,3 dimethyl phenanthrene 76-77 naphthalene 128.1 7 218 80.5 1.14 1-methyl anthracene 85-86 triphenylmethane 244.3 3 92-94 phenanthrene 92-93 fluoranthrene 202.2 6 375 110.8 1.252 acetanilide 135.1 7 304 114.3 1.219 benzoic acid 122.1 2 249 122.4 1.32 Trans-cinnamic acid 148.1 7 300 135-136 1.2475 salicylamide 137.1 4 181 - 182 140 - 144 ether water 18.02 100 0 1.0 methanol 32.04 64.7 -97 0.7918 Phthalic Acid 166.1 4 210 1.593
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Jin Bae CHEM-241L Procedure Part One: Crystallization Section A: After obtaining 100mg of phthalic acid and 0.5mL of water, the phthalic acid was barely dissolved with drops of water, and these drops were counted. 5mg of Norit was added for the purpose of decolorizing the solution, and the solution was heated to steam bath. A Hirsch funnel was used in filtering the hot solution, and then crystallization was observed and noted. The solution was placed in a beaker of ice water after the solution reached room temperature, and crystallization continued. By suction filtration through a Hirsch funnel, product was collected, weighed, and the melting point was measured. A Mel-Temp was used to measure the melting point. Section B: After obtaining 200mg of unknown #3, several trials were performed to pick the relevant solvent which made the unknown crystallize and re-dissolve. After choosing the right solvents, the unknown and solvent #1 were combined to completely dissolve the
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CHEM 241L taught by Professor Hunt during the Spring '08 term at UVA.

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Experiment 3-Crystallization - Jin Bae CHEM-241L...

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