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Lab 2 - Synthesis of Lidocaine

Lab 2 - Synthesis of Lidocaine - Jin Bae Synthesis of...

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Jin Bae Synthesis of Lidocaine Lab performed: 2/8/2007 Report written: 2/12/2007 Purpose The purpose of this lab involves synthesizing lidocaine to indicate the purifying component of lidocaine through the process of crystallization. The use of mixtures of reagents to collect the end product of lidocaine is allowed. Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Density 2,6- dimethylaniline 151g/mol 8.4 °C 214 ° Acetic acid 60.05 g/mol 16.5 °C 118.1 °C 1.049 g cm −3 SnCl 2 189.60 g/mol 246 °C 623 °C 3.95 g/cm 3 KOH K + O - −H 56.10564 g/ mol 406 °C 1320 °C 2.044 g/cm 3 K 2 CO 3 138.2055 g/ mol 891 °C decomposes Chloroacetyl chloride 112.94328 105°C 1.42 g/cm 3 Sodium acetate 82.03 g/mol Decomposes at 324 °C Decomposes 1.45 g/cm³ toluene 92.14 g/mol −93 °C 110.6°C 0.8669 g/ cm³ diethylamine 73.14 g/mol -50 °C 55.5 °C 0.7074 g/ cm 3
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Jin Bae HCl 36.4606 g/ mol -114.2°C -85.1°C 1.477 g/l ether 74.12 g/mol 34.6 °C 0.7134 g/ cm 3 NaOH Na + O - −H 39.9971 g/ mol 318°C 1390°C 2.1 g/cm³ Procedure Part one 0.4 ml of 2,6-dimethylnitrobenzene was dissolved in 5.0ml acetic acid. 2.3g of SnCl 2 2H 2 O and 4.0ml of HCl was put together in a test tube. SnCl 2 solution was added to nitroxylene solution (15minutes). The mixture was cooled and the crystalline salt was transferred to a conical tube. 2.5 ml of water and about 4.5ml of 30% KOH solution was added to make the mixture basic. After 15minutes, the mixture was extracted with 2.5ml and 1.0ml portions of ether, and then with 1.0ml of water. The filtered solutions was evaporated and rinsed with ether. Part Two To a 25ml Erlenmeyer flask, the xylidine, 2.5ml of acetic acid, and 0.35g of chloroacetyl chloride (by TA) were added, in that order. The solution was warm on a steam bath to 40-50 °C, and 500mg of sodium acetate in 10ml water was added. The mixture was cooled, and collected by using Hirsch funnel. The solid was rinsed with
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Lab 2 - Synthesis of Lidocaine - Jin Bae Synthesis of...

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