Lab 6 - Polymers and Plastics

Lab 6 - Polymers and Plastics - Jin Bae CHEM-242L Polymers...

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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Polymers and Plastics Performed: 3/15/2007 Written: 3/20/2007 Purpose The purpose of this lab is to understand how to synthesize polymers and plastics, while learning the chemistry behind them. Reactions Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Densit y Polystyrene 240 °C 1050 kg/m³ Styrene 104.15 g/mol -30 °C 145 °C 0.9 g/cm³ methanol 32.04 g/ mol -97 °C 64.7 °C 0.7918 g/cm³ Benzoyl peroxide 242.23 g/mol 103–5 °C 1.334 g/cm 3 Methyl methacrylate 100.12 g/mol -48 °C 101 °C 0.94 g/ cm 3 Hexamethylenediamin e 116.20 g/mol 39 °C 205 °C 0.84 g/cm³ Adipoyl chloride 183.03 g/mol 105- 107 °C 1.25 g/cm³ Cyclohexane 84.16 g/ mol 6.55 °C 80.74 °C 0.779 g/ml Ethylene glycol 62.068 u −12.9 °C 197.3 °C 1.1132 g/cm³ Glycerol 92.0938 2 g/mol 18 °C 290 °C 1.261 g/cm³
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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Triethylamine 101.19 g/mol -114.7 °C 89.3 °C 0.726 g/cm 3 Diisocyanate Procedure Part One: Preparation of Polystyrene 1.0ml of styrene and 5.0ml of toluene were placed into a test tube. 50mg of 2,2’-azobis- (2-methylpropionitrile) was added to the styrene solution. The mixture was heated for 80 minutes. After heating, it was cooled to room temperature and pours it into 30ml of methanol. The liquid was decanted. 5ml of methanol was added and the test tube was shaken. By using Hirsch funnel, the polystyrene was collected. Part Two: Preparation of Plexiglas 5.0ml of methyl methacrylate was placed with 5mg of benzoyl peroxide. Stopper was placed loosely and was heated for 20 minutes. Part Three: Preparation of Nylon 66 10ml of 5% aqueous solution of hexamethylenediamine was placed into a 50 ml beaker. 10ml of 5% solution of adipoyl chloride in cyclohexane was added to the solution by
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Lab 6 - Polymers and Plastics - Jin Bae CHEM-242L Polymers...

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