Lab 5 - Photochemistry

Lab 5 - Photochemistry - Jin Bae CHEM-242L Photochemistry...

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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Photochemistry and Luminescence Performed: 3/01/2007 Written: 3/10/2007 Purpose The purpose of this lab is to understand photochemistry and luminescence. Furthermore, to visualize how different dyes affect within the color of the light. Reactions Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Density Naphthalene 128.17 g/mol 80.2 °C 218 °C 1.14 g/cm³ Isopropyl alcohol 60.10 g/mol -89 °C 82.3 °C 0.785 g/cm 3 Acetic acid 60.05 g/mol 16.5 °C 118.1 °C 1.049 g cm −3 Triethyl amine 101.19 g/mol -114.7 °C 89.3 °C 0.726 g/cm 3 Toluene 92.14 g/mol −93 °C −93 °C 0.8669 g/cm³ Oxalyl chloride 126.93 g/mol −16 °C 63–64 °C 1.4785 g/mL Hexane 86.18 g/mol −95 °C 69 °C 0.6548 g/ml Rubrene 532.7 g/mol 315 °C
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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Procedure Part One: Photochemical Preparation of Benzpinacol A small spatula of naphthalene was added to one of the test tubes. 670mg of benzophenone was placed in each test tube. The ketone was dissolved in about 3.0 ml of isopropyl alcohol with gentle warming and one drop of glacial acetic acid was added. Tubes were filled to the top with isopropyl alcohol and were corked tightly with stoppers. Then, the tubes were wrapped partly with parafilm and placed in a beaker while being inverted. Part Two: Synthesis of Bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl) Oxalate .4g of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, 0.3ml of triethylamine, and 2ml of dry toluene was added to a dry medium test tube and cooled down. In the small test tube, 0.1 ml of oxalyl chloride and 1ml of toluene was added. This was added dropwise to the mixture. A voluminous precipitate was formed. The mixture was warmed to room temperature, and then 105~115°C for 30minutes. After cooling the reaction mixture to room temperature, 3ml of
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Lab 5 - Photochemistry - Jin Bae CHEM-242L Photochemistry...

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