Experiment 6-Ferrocene

Experiment 6-Ferrocene - Jin Bae CHEM-241L Friedel Crafts...

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Jin Bae CHEM-241L Friedel Crafts Acetylation of Ferrocene and Column Chromatography Performed: 10/12/2006 Written: 10/17/2006 Purpose/Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to acetylate ferrocene using acetic anhydride with phosphoric acid as a catalyst, and to perform column chromatography to separate components including ferrocene. Ferrocene is an air stable orange solid with the formula Fe(C 5 H 5 ) 2. For a symmetric and uncharged species, ferrocene is soluble in normal organic solvents, such as benzene, but is insoluble in water. Column chromatography is used to obtain pure chemical compounds from a mixture of compounds. Reactions Ferrocene + acetic anhydride → acetylferrocene + acetic acid Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance M. point B. point Molar W Density ferrocene 174 –176°C 249 °C 186.04 g/mol 1,490 g /m 3 Acetic anhydride −73.1 °C 139.9 °C 102.1 g/mol 1.08 g/cm³ Phosphoric acid 42 °C 213 °C 98.0 g/mol 1.9 g/ml Calcium chloride 772 °C >1600 °C 110.99 g/mol, anhydrous 2.15 g/cm 3
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Jin Bae CHEM-241L Sodium bicarbonate 50°C Decomposes 84.007 g/mol 2.159 g/cm³ hexane −95 °C 69 °C 86.18 g/mol 0.6548 g/ml dichloromethane −97 °C 40 °C 84.93 g/mol 1.325 g/cm 3 acetone −94.9 °C 56.3 °C 58.09 g/mol 0.79 g/cm³ Acetlyferrocene 81-83°C 161 – 163 °C 228.07 g/mol diacetylferrocen e -73 °C 139°C 102 g/mol Procedure Part 1: Acetylation of Ferrocene A mixture of 500 mg of ferrocene, 5mL of acetic anhydride, and 1.0mL of 85% phosphoric acid was heated in a flask until the ferrocene dissolved. After solids dissolved, the flask was heated for an additional 10 minutes. The mixture was added to
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CHEM 241L taught by Professor Hunt during the Spring '08 term at UVA.

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Experiment 6-Ferrocene - Jin Bae CHEM-241L Friedel Crafts...

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