Lab 3 - Isolation of Cholesterol

Lab 3 - Isolation of Cholesterol - Jin Bae CHEM-242L...

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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Isolation and Oxidation of Cholesterol Performed: 2/15/2007 Written: 2/20/2007 Purpose The purpose of this lab is to isolate and oxidize cholesterol and to comprehend the mechanisms and reactions behind it. Reactions Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Density Acetic acid 60.05 g/ mol 16.5 °C 118.1 °C 1.049 g cm −3 Sodium acetate 82.03 g/ mol Decomposes at 324 °C Decomposes 1.45 g/cm³ ether 74.12 g/ mol 34.6 °C 0.7134 g/cm 3 NaOH Na + O - −H 39.9971 g/mol 318°C 1390°C 2.1 g/cm³ Cholesterol 386.65 g/mol 146-147 °C zinc 65.409 g/mol 419.53 °C 907 °C 7.14 g·cm −3 H 2 SO 4 98.08 g mol −1 10 °C 338 °C 1.84 g cm −3
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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Procedure Isolation of Chelesterol From Gallstones 2g of gallstones was weighed, and placed into a 50ml Erlenmeyer flask. 20ml of diethyl ether was added and heated. After filtration with ether, the solution was diluted with 10ml of methanol. The funnel was filtered after being heated. Filtrate was reheated and just enough water was added to make the solution cloudy. The cholesterol was crystallized on cooling. The crystals were collected by vacuum filtration. Bromination 1g of the crude cholesterol of dissolved in 10ml of anhydrous ether in a 25 ml Erlenmeyer flask. 5ml of a solution of bromine and sodium acetate in glacial acetic acid was slowly added. The solution was added until the yellowish color persists. The flask was cooled in an ice bath and stirred. The crystal was collected by vacuum filtration, and the crystals were washed with a mixture of ether and glacial acetic acid. Debromination
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CHEM 241L taught by Professor Hunt during the Spring '08 term at UVA.

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Lab 3 - Isolation of Cholesterol - Jin Bae CHEM-242L...

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