Lab 4 - Benzoic Acid

Lab 4 - Benzoic Acid - Jin Bae CHEM-242L Synthesis of...

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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Synthesis of Triphenyl Carbinol and Benzoic Acid by a Grignard Reagent Performed: 2/22/2007 Written: 2/27/2007 Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to understand the mechanisms of synthesizing triphenyl carbinol and benzoic acid by Grignard reagent. Reactions Tables of Reactants and Products Name Appearance Molar W M. point B. point Density NaOH Na + O - −H 39.9971 g/mol 318°C 1390°C 2.1 g/cm³ H 2 SO 4 98.08 g mol −1 10 °C 338 °C 1.84 g cm −3 Magnesium 24.3050 g·mol −1 650 °C, 1090 °C 1.738 g·cm −3 ether 74.12 g/mol 34.6 °C 0.7134 g/cm 3 Bromobenzene 157.016 g/mol -30.8 °C 156 °C 1.495 g/ cm³ Methyl benzoate 136.15 g/mol -15 °C 198-200 °C 1.094 g/ cm 3 Magnesium sulfate 120.36 g/mol 1124°C decomp. Dry Ice 44.01 g/mol −57 °C −78 °C 1600 kg/m³ Phenylmagnesium bromide 181.31 g/mol HCl 36.4606 g/mol - 114.2°C -85.1°C 1.477 g/ l,
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Jin Bae CHEM-242L Procedure Part One: Triphenyl Carbinol The apparatus consisting of a 10 ml round bottom flask fitted with a Claissen adaper was set up. The apparatus was dried by gentle heat with Bunsen burner. 180 mg of magnesium turnings was obtained. It was grinded and placed in the round bottom flask. 3 ml of anhydrous ether was placed through the septum. In a test tube, 0.7 ml of bromobenzene and 1.0 ml anhydrous ether were mixed. 20 drops of bromobenzene solution was added dropwise with a syringe. 1-2 crystals of iodine were added. Remaining bromobenzene solution was added dropwise. The flask was warmed in a tap water (40°C) until the magnesium was completely consumed. A solution of methyl benzoate (04ml) in 2ml of ether was added dropwise through the septum. To a conical
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Lab 4 - Benzoic Acid - Jin Bae CHEM-242L Synthesis of...

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