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I. Identification Job: book of the bible. Focused on testing of the faithful. Hellenism: the name given to Greek culture. Influenced Jews/Jewish culture immensely after Judea was conquered by Alexander. Greek worldview was fundamentally different from that of the Jews, and caused them to rethink aspects of their own society. Hillel and Shammai: two important scholars in Judaism. The two were adversaries. Hillel and Shammai are often cited as the two most important philosophers. Pharisees: political movement that lasted through the roman revolt, becoming rabbinic Judaism. Maimonides: one of the Jewish philosophers who influenced the non-Jewish world. Also known as the RamBam, and is incredibly important to both Jewish and gentile philosophy. Johanan ben Zaccai: an important Jewish sage in the era of the second temple, major contributor to the Mishnah Mordecai Kaplan: founder of the Recontructionist movement, a major modern Jewish philosopher Israel, Baal Shem Tov: founder of Hasidism. Taught that all must seek revelation to
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