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Speed = distance/time Force = mass*acceleration Weight = mass*acceleration due to gravity Velocity = initial v + accel*time Position = initial p + init vel +1/2at^2 Work = force*distance Gravitational PE = mass*accel(grav)*height ELECTRICTY Coulombs: force = (constant*charge*charge)/distance^2 Force = charge*electric field Electric field = voltage gradient = drop/distance Power consumed = drop*current Power provided = rise*current Ohm’s: current = voltage drop/electrical resistance Voltage drop = current*electrical resistance MAGNET Coulomb’s: force = (permeability of free space*pole*pole)/4 π *(distance)^2 Force = pole*magnetic field Lenz’s: enegery = (magnetic field^2 *volume)/2permeability of free space
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Unformatted text preview: Secondary current = prim current*(primary turns/secondary turns) Secondary voltage = prim voltage*(secondary turns/primary turns) Lorentz: force = charge*velolcity*magnetic field*sine of angle THERMODYNAMICS First law: Internal energy charge = heat added – work done Second law: Entropy of thermally isolated system never decreases Third law: as object’s temp approaches zero, entropy approaches zero Heat from cold object = work*([temp cold]/temp hot – temp cold) Heat to hot object = heat from cold object + work Work = heat from hot object*([temp hot- temp cold]/temp hot) Heat to cold object = heat from hot object - work...
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