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Assignment #1 - Taylor Zea USC ID 3982229873 Case Incident...

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Taylor Zea USC ID: 3982229873 Case Incident 1 The reason for the bad reputation regarding used-car dealers lies in the customer base of the industry. Customers of pre-owned vehicles decide on used cars in the hopes of a better deal for their money. In their eyes, a glimpse of opportunity remains in searching for that perfect buy of a car with the exact combination of low mileage in excellent shape and a cost sticker way below the asking price of a new car. Yet, most often the buyer discovers such a car often does not exist because the used-car dealer recognizes the price value of each of his used-cars and doesn’t allow a sneaky buy to occur under is watch. Therefore, the goals of both parties conflict, and in the end one most likely goes home unhappy. So will the buyer, who has proceeded through the process a few times ever, or the salesman, who proceeds through negotiations a few times a day, come out on top most of the time? Rational thinking deduces the salesman will find a way to lead the negotiations and verbal banter more onto reaching his ends. So ultimately the customer may come out of the deal feeling cheated by the sly salesman out for money. Joe seems to be on the right track in that he chooses to attempt to counter the negative view his customers have preconceived in their mind before even walking in the door. Joe’s statement, “I’m more interested in having a relationship” gets him started on
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Assignment #1 - Taylor Zea USC ID 3982229873 Case Incident...

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