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Devin Seese At a Second Glance Dissecting symbolism and meaning within mass media Please follow the link below and watch the commercial before reading. Advertisers of all sorts have one common goal; get people hooked. In today’s modern culture, there is really no limit to what lengths advertisers will go to be successful. Yes, there are censorship laws and certain topics that are known to be off limits, but more times that not, the envelope is pushed to the edge with sexually appealing images, double entendres, and borderline inappropriate humor. These things are known, but is it possible that there is concealed meaning and symbolism artfully placed into ads that may not be realized by the average viewer? After dissecting my “” commercial, I am convinced that there is most definitely both hidden meaning and hidden symbolism. Through the images and actions in the commercial, unrealistic claims are made, stereotyping is blatant, and Nazi imagery turn this first glance innocent ad into a second glance piece of edgy and borderline advertising. This commercial aired during the Super Bowl, and many of my friends commented on the commercial, and they weren’t intentionally looking for symbolism or meaning. The commercial begins with Hank Bulleymonger (VP of Sales) opening the door to his office and storming down the hall in an angry fashion. His arms are pumped out to the side and his eyes are cut low. He marches to the beat of drums similar to something you would hear in the 20’s. He then proceeds to burst into an office and immediately begins to yell at Ramesh, who is sitting at his desk working. Hank states, “Ramesh, you’re my worst salesman. If you don’t double your sales, YOOOUUU’RE
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OUTA HERE!” Ramesh simply replies, “But Hank, I have seven kids.” As Hank leaves the office you hear him say, “Not my problem.” Ramesh looks discouraged and immediately turns to his computer and types “how can I double my sales” into the search engine. Sales Genie pops up onto the screen with the promise of 100 free sales leads. The commercial then shows Ramesh networking, making sales, and skyrocketing his sales. The last scene show’s Hank, Ramesh, and Ramesh’s family all on stage as Hank awards Ramesh with the salesman of the year award. Now, this description sounds fairly innocent, but there are many signifiers scattered throughout the commercial that give it a questionable twist. The first signifiers I noticed when Hank appeared was his very dark hair, his little
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sales genie - Devin Seese At a Second Glance Dissecting...

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