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faulkner complete paper 1

faulkner complete paper 1 - Seese 1 Devin Seese 1st Block...

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Seese Devin Seese 1 st Block WILLIAM FAULKNER As I Lay Dying and The Reivers Hop into the car, buckle up, and prepare to take an adventure into the work of William Faulkner. Through the study of two novels, As I Lay Dying and The Reivers by Mr. Faulkner, a great deal of information was gathered about both novels and the author. The story of a family on a disaster-plagued journey determined to bury their mother, and the adrenaline packed adventure of two men and a boy traveling to Memphis in a stolen car are the two stories broken down and analyzed. Mr. Faulkner’s unique use of the stream of consciousness style is heavily weighed when questioning whether the style enhances or hinders the literary pieces. And since sleep is is-not and rain and wind are was , it is not. Yet the wagon is, because when the wagon is was, Addie Bundren will not be. And Jewel is, so Addie Bundren must be. And then I must be, or I could not empty myself for sleep in a strange room. And so if I am not emptied yet, I am is. (Faulkner 80-81) Is this method a work of art, or a constant distraction? Criticisms from three critics are voiced as well as my own personal opinions on Mr. Faulkner and his novels. Through his use of the stream of consciousness style and his inimitable use of point of view, Faulkner does not give the reader a clear road map creating a bumpy ride with many detours. A whirlwind whipping through the dirt roads of Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi causing obstacles and tribulations of grand proportion lays the road work for the novel As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner. The death of a wife and mother, the 1
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Seese extensive journey, the multitude of mishaps, and the final goal fulfilled places the reader amongst the Bundren family and their mission. The Bundrens are a poor lower class farming family living in the county of Yoknapatawapha. The family consists of seven members – Anse the father, Addie the mother, and the five children, Jewel, Darl, Cash, Vardaman, Dewey Dell. Before marrying Anse, Addie was a school teacher just outside of town. Randomly, Anse started driving his wagon by the school in order to steal a glance at Addie. Eventually he spoke to her and after a few visits, convinced Addie to become his wife. Anse is a simple country man who has very little emotion and uses his wife as a breeding tool and not much more. After a very short amount of time, Addie is unsatisfied and disgusted with Anse and the marriage. Fed up with the loveless marriage and angered by her husband, Addie wishes to seek revenge. Addie informs Anse that upon her death, she wishes to be buried next to her Father in the town of Jefferson. The novel begins with a distant sawing that can be heard from the house. Addie is lying on her death bed and the family is basically waiting for her to die. The sawing is coming from Cash who is frantically rushing to create and finish his mother’s coffin before she passes. With each piece of the coffin complete, Cash rushes to the window to receive his mother’s seal of approval.
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faulkner complete paper 1 - Seese 1 Devin Seese 1st Block...

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