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cation-anion lab - Kris Kelly Cation-Anion Lab CHEM 121L...

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Kris Kelly Cation-Anion Lab CHEM 121L 11/26/07 Theory/Background: In this lab, various processes and chemical reactions will take place in order to determine whether or not cations or anions are present. This is more of a qualitative analysis type experiment where calculations are absent and detailed observations of the reaction process are written down. In order to determine which types of cation or anion is present, two tests must be performed, a preliminary test and a specific test. A preliminary test is a procedure used to determine if cations or anions are present in the first place. If that test proves positive, specific tests for different ions may be executed. Key Data: Reagent Observations Equations 1 Litmus paper turned blue Solution turned brown 2 White precipitate Yellow Solution 3a Reddish brown precipitate 3b Yellow liquid formed 3c Blue precipitate formed 4 Brick red flame formed 5a Strawberry red precipitate formed
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Preliminary Concentrated H SO Test Ion Observations Equations SO No reaction NO No reaction CO Violent bubbling Choking odor Cloudy white precipitate Clear gas Cl Test tube began smoking (white gas)
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