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Kelly 1 Kris Kelly Dr. Marinova English 123H 20 March 2008 A Complacent County Although it has improved, the quality of the York County Parks and Recreation sports programs has yet to reach top-notch level. I have spent my entire life playing sports for such a wonderful county, so there is nothing foreign to me in terms of how things are done. Coaches meetings happen the week before the first practice, the first two games don’t count, and every player must play at least half the game. Seems simple and efficient to the inexperienced eye, but the reality behind it all is that there are dozens of children unable to play their favorite sport due to the lack of space and volunteers. Even as a young child, I recognized that there was a definite deficiency in the quality of coaches and availability of fields in the county. I have played York County sports for roughly a decade now, and there has always been this consistent problem of not having great coaches or enough fields to accommodate each team at a convenient time. It costs the county so very little to maintain the fields and the coaches that they use are of no cost at all. That being said, there are still hundreds of children altogether that miss out on primarily baseball and soccer because not enough effort has gone into the coaching and fields. This is not to say that things have not improved because they have. When I played as a young child of six, there were merely 4 teams in the high school soccer league, each with about 14 players per team with none left out to dry.
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Kelly 2 Today, there are seven teams in the high school league, with rosters of 17 to 18 players, with no fewer than sixty left out of the season due to a lack of coaches and fields. A fellow county soccer player, CJ Taylor, said that, “I enjoy knowing the people I am playing with and against, but it often seems like we are merely playing kickball in my backyard with our current coaches. It is also a very stunted season due to lack of fields and coach motivation.” The other evil is that the coaches that do step up to take the
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a complacent county - Kelly 1 Kris Kelly Dr Marinova...

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