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Kris Kelly Bolman and Deal Journal LDSP 210 12/3/07 I can relate to the whole emotional distance standard in the workplace, although it is somewhat talked down in the reading. At Water Country, supervisors are strongly discouraged from dating anyone above or below them in rank. This may cause unfair treatment in the workplace, and should be watched closely. I did not obey this rule, and it got me into trouble, not because I treated her differently, but because I slacked on my duties after work trying to be with her. A good leader should be totally blind to biases and discrimination in the workplace. If a manager of a McDonalds dated a frontline worker, that worker would probably never work the fryer, providing that the manager was biased. We practice authorship at Water Country by allowing our cast members to perform their assigned tasks in their own manner. This creates on it’s own, a sense of creativity and accomplishment, keeping our employees happy. We will let them perform this task their own way with only a guiding eye to ensure quality
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