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Homework One Solutions 1.7 a) cars (Honda) b) The few Hondas chosen for study on pollution and gas c) all new Hondas 2.8 a) quantative b) discrete 2.10 a) categorical b) fish c)just over 40% 2.17 a)1000mg b)3000mg 2.23 a)discrete because outcome is a whole number b) i) 0 ii) 9 iii) 2 iv) 3 c) unimodal 2.47 a) i) c ii) b b) a because this graph is symmetric/bell shaped 2.49 a) 133-2*17 to 133+2*17. remember the empirical rule says 95% of the data falls within two standard deviations of the mean. b) 133+3*17=184 In a bell shaped curve, this is the highest number you would observe before being considered an outlier. 2.57 a) (28+34)/2=31 b) (25+26)/2=25.5 c) (35+37)/2=36 d) 25% of countries have residents that take less than 25.5 vacation days. The middle fifty percent of countries have residents that take on average between 25.5 and 36 annual vacation days.
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Unformatted text preview: 2.68) a) min=1600 Q1=3500 Med=4800 Q3=6000 Max=98000 b) (#-mean)/sd=(4222-4998)/1786=-.43 standard deviation below the mean c) (#-mean)/sd=(11067-4998)/1786=3.4 standard deviation above the mean 3.14 a) r=-.5 b) r=.6 c) r=-.9 d) r=0 3.19 a) i) weight ii) price b) Different from linearity because bikes in the middle cost most and extremes cost less. c) because this is not linear, correlation isn’t an accurate measurement. IF IT WAS LINEAR, we would say 32% of the variability in price can be explained by weight. 3.33 a) y=24+.7x b) 80 3.47 a) No, we can only make inferences. It does not imply causality. b) We know vocabulary increases with age. Height also increases with age. Height and vocabulary are related because of the common variable age....
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