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Homework Two Solutions 4.32 a) Response variable: wart successfully removed explanatory variable: type of treatment (cryotherapy or duct-tape) EU: each of the 51 patients Treatments: cryotherapy or duct-tape 4.46 c) i) 16/62 ii)46/62 5.4 a) long run b) P(fatal accident)=10/31,000,000= 5.18) a) {GG, GB, BG, BB} b) Notice that P(G)=.5 since each gender is equally likely. Also, one child is independent of the next. Thus, P( G and G)= P(G)*P(G)=(.5)(.5)=.25 c) If P(G)=.49, then P( G and G)= P(G)*P(G)=(.49)(.49)=.2401
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Unformatted text preview: 5.28 Let A denote being audited. Let I denote income level. a) P(A|I<25,000)=P(A and I<25,000)/P(I<25,000)=.0011/(.0011+.1747) b) P(I<25,000|A)= P(A and I<25,000)/P(A)=.0011/(.001+.0009+.0009+.0011) 5.35 Let M be male, F be female, VH be very happy, NH be not too happy. a) P(H)=370/603 b) i)P(VH|M)=211/325 ii)P(VH|F)=149/278 Extra problem ME=1/sqrt(1000)=.0316 where sqrt=square root We are confident that the true proportion will lie between (.59-.0316, .59+.0316)=(.5584, .6216)...
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