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NAME LAB SECTION SID February 9, 2007 Assignment 3: Functions by Restriction and Simple Recursion 100 pts for problems Formatting: (-1 if any part of heading is incorrect, -1 for no assignment title, -1 if no page numbering, -1 if problems not numbered and labeled, -1 if incorrect filename or not in pdf format) take off all allotted points for each formatting aspect if any of each is not correct Problem 1: Getting to Know Boolean Operators (10) 1.1 Matlab uses a 1 to denote a true statement. Matlab uses a 0 to denote a false statement. +1 for both right 1.2 Note there are infinitely many possible input pairs. These are just examples. The important thing is that the outputs are 1. EDU>> gt(2,1) ans = 1 EDU>> lt(1,2) ans = 1 EDU>> eq(1,1) ans = 1 EDU>> ge(2,1) ans = 1 EDU>> le(1,2) ans = 1 EDU>> ne(0,1) ans = 1 +1 for all ones 1.3 EDU>> and(or(1,0), xor(0,1)) ans = 1 +1 1
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