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o DHCP servers respond back to 255… with an offer message with proposed IP address, own  server address, and lease time. o Host chooses an IP address from one of the offers and sends a DHCP request echoing all  information o DHCP server sends an ACK back acknowledging receipt of request. Routing Algorithms Link cost usually reflects the length of the physical link. Routing algorithm finds the least cost path between the source router and destination router (first hop  routers of the source host, and destination host). Algorithm Classifications o Global Routing – each node in the routing algorithm has information (link costs) for all links  in the network, and node connectivity. o Decentralized Algorithm – each node only has information (connectivity, and link cost) for its  neighbors. Least-cost path is computed iteratively. o Static Routing – link costs change very slowly over time.
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Unformatted text preview: o Dynamic Routing link costs change rapidly due to traffic loads, or change in topology. o Load sensitive link costs keep changing due to changing congestion. o Load insensitive link cost does not explicitly reflect changing traffic loads. Internet has load-insensitive routing. Dijkstras Algorithm o Terminates after each node is put into N. o If link states are changing according to traffic load To avoid synchronization, each link can send out its link state advertisements randomly. Distance Vector Algorithm o Each node receives some information from its direct neighbors, performs a calculation and sends the info back out to neighbors. o Asynchronous no need for all nodes to operate at same time. o Self-terminating. LS and DV Algorithm Comparison...
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