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BGP - Border Gateway Protocol Uses semi-permanent TCP connections among routers. Gateway routers use external BGP, and intra_AS routers use internal BGP. Destinations are not hosts, but subnets with only a prefix to id them. Prefixes are transported using eBGP amoung gateway routers, and distributed among internal  routers using iBGP. Routing Policy  o Stub network – all traffic entering network must be destined for that network. All  traffic leaving that network must have originated from that network. Chapter 5: Link Layer Protocols
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Unformatted text preview: Link Layer Intro • Place in the protocol stack where software meets hardware • Features can be o Flow control – senders send packets at a rate that the output buffers can handle. o Error detection/correction o Reliable delivery – packets eventually reach with no error o MAC – multiple access protocol. Multiple Access Protocols • Three types are: channel partitioning via TDM or FDM, random access protocols with time slots like TDM, and taking-turns protocols like polling and token ring....
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