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earuthquakee - -the hypocenter is the place on earth where...

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What is an earthquake? -an episode of ground shaking -shaking, rapid release of energy 10.2 Faults and the generator of earthquakes -seismicity-earth quake activity earthquakes occur because: -the sudden formation of a new fault (a fracture on which sliding occurs) -sudden slip on an existing fault -a sudden change in the arrangement of atoms int he mineral rocks -movement of magma in volcano -giant landslides, meteorite, nuclear bomb test
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Unformatted text preview: -the hypocenter is the place on earth where rock ruptures and slips, or the place where an explosion occurs of the earthquake, usually lies on a fault plane-the point on the surface of the earth that lies directly above the hypocenter is the epicenter-normal fault-due to stretching or extension of crust-reverse or thrust fault is due to squeezing and shortening of curst-displacement-amount of slip...
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