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Lecture 3 - 6l"Qlog lectvteb LosiL cnJ?roo F Priis,hn"l...

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6l"Qlog lectvteb LosiL cnJ ?ro o F" Priis,hn"l Lo,q ri, L I'l'l - A Vo posin*i is c, cleclcrrd'l r v z sen4c.nte E3'. T+ ruind ye2lqgy ? Trr" 2+3:s 1r,t. ? futse '7 -3 =z Rtse' - Dgr,crle a Tmpost\;"6 bv " le+Nr j a', - /,/q1a*t:o6 Of w ppptstVt'oL . -? -C,ivn +an o+ ? ;2" P^1" -True @ P to 4rrre 6nd 1 fo 4rc,e - Dr,rriorcfian ol pd- t I p vg | (?otq\ "trr"-G p rt tr,.,. or qra rb *n,e_ ,or . E1c.tu91g or'. [email protected] \ lrue if Only ovte ig cartat - ConJthvrn t s*tlement '. Pr 7 " i+ p 1-h EZ', p; '7he prkr.e . g he^ed wel" qi " 1lr" 1ettm won,, P + ? I '/t lIe pthxt p ilc les vr{'rt }h en Trte it p is *ru,e or.d 2 rr *rue P 15 fube r I ts 1,ue _ P r! €lse 1X B false )rv+\+btet / "/ PJl I?,7 P4n .L @ t.t ? V\ l -Tl F1 i1 JI Tll l-r rIF II rlr lr tLr le t 'f F r ,l F I-T T IF r l-f I r ll P lf 61h ove +tue or,?" +Ae- -hgk, h,i ths ztl 6"1,P+q r3 e?uv lo tp v7
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J>/ Papsihotel 7r,-r^"< (l A Deln . Q A com gourd ?.df2ost'hbh fhol_ r3 clwoys ]tue e 'LrtoL?y @ i! conp"nd pro?dsftw tto.f s alwats fv lre rl c^ contwLa, E3?2 r-e "aJa*obJy fi 6 pazP ^.o Con{'..Jir+l',,n De hsrnn yort O zC{vy\ )byiolv eqvtui)ow to ? p A -z Qr/p|g) + f"3,tatz eyplvitc.aN +v 7p v-L
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