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Lecture 11 - tecl.t,e LL wirh lfrle lerncnts fictve-ihen...

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tecl.t,e- LL fictve set -ihen he.re EX wirh lfrl e lerncnts 2" srrbsels, includtng ernyal-y 5a+61n1*he splp125e1 6vbrefs " d, 6A3,{g), 5 l+tBy ,, \A,gI .-\ h =a 2n=4 UB*sB S+ep: Yt=t 5a] " Subse+s h ,)e3 / Ea .4. -. g2 t njvchon Sf€p; A$on. *rr< 1o, se'is ovi*h t4 elery4u Show*rre &r sets w*I-, V* I ebrnen4s Set af K+t e lenenJs: Spli+rn*r 2elenaerras /@ Thefirs+ t4 eierner,E | (D the las+ elonre^+ I I &-tx -, r- J buhsets ttovn here- f ;i TheSe ore svtasets 6F -l\a'se4 of K +t elens"* Get an"*tut 9w s,tbsetr'. U il _ Tcr-trt.""r^ cf at A 5u6p+s, add the lcts+etewer.rl, 5.0 Xt* 76 rl Svbsets a)logetLen' No 4e , wel.,ovL a lt e+"-*a ahse4s., tf c,.- Subt+ doest + Co'nlqrn lotJ- etetn-^+,. ilne*, t'h:t Cd.set;] elte- fn (asct:,jl ', &bsds of \4,8,c) : !, sa7, ) a] ,5 A,Bz \ c\ /\ /+, ck, t B, c7 r\ A, 17, cl
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Eg'. Eftenttbn o€one o{ Deluor1ctn\ hrr. U A: = J=l n tl i ,lctr frZz ,)-t Le+-v,t 4,, < ' t - F )-i*q Jnd,,clttn C+,e\ Show ?tn\ hotds fon nzb 4Su^g *rve 1o1.. p z l, f*9 llllv+ abd n=Ktl Sf Ei+te, h 6 Dr,rr"ro, ^r! arFcg,?" O %s'z rlep: showPtb\ B -h,e @ -Jndw*oie S.tep: Show ?lnrr) r!
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