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Lecture 18 - , (o^b,.n".t.>6 t?venJs of cdaylimenl?/ @en.f...

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Ler-lu,e lB , (o^b,.n".t.>6 of t?venJs -THk1 : Let E be.rr, evenl in a Sqmpie spe.zeS. The prolrc-bit;y, o* -the eve6l E the cdaylimenl?/ @en.f oFF r'5 P(F) ; l- PIF) il""{ No}e tIo+ = ,5 - E 5o lF/ =.lsl -lr-l nus P(il JFI = Iri_ E?. . F}t- o Grnniflee Lrv- people fuom S .p 6 doru Who+ rs the probabitil-y "bfra,l-'r. .l lecrst- one opclol-er r3 orr *he (pvnm,*tei Forx pe/Ioh hes fbe ,Sam?cho,tce of bet,q elecred V uu,JVu I zl it 41 tStt-bgrrble colhb. /tl\ ll lo't?'t t'+/- +'3 2 | lEl w ? ??p-qp. t exqc*ll one u r oy €Xucl-tv 2 vt ,or e Xuc-t1,/ Juls ctr Qxqcllv b ,',''t. Lo"yt ctj Corn?I,'h€hr- '. (oytn;+a wi1-h onty a!wrnslt-r/'e- r..1, lr\ t6l lEl =L,f,l so P{F)= '.,/lil dnd Pl5:)=/-P{F) -L6z+)771,1 9-1, gi'*rdorv ?rabtem L'n 9,u:. a $wvp o€ n people1tl1.,ul 13 pr,Inh, rh Jhcrto* lccs+ lt" poile lqte O<'yne hr+tiluy.? Gnplir,rr"r Nr,boAl shuues' c. bir,+tda v kgr* 356 d^r,* o11 pLEl= bto , W .ry-+. a66-h +l et*'rbr(',.' '566 366 56, 3 ( b Ge+ ? (€\ = l -P (3) * ), +-7s it n=zV '.to6 i$n-D /
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fHa! +he LelE, qncl t2. be *wo even,ls 6orrgle sl&ce S. Then ptr,opz) = ,'tn prc'\rPtdz\ -P(e,^r;z) Ploo+t lE,uE"l -- lF,l +lEzt -le,ne2\ -tsf trt lsl Fg: ftoll lwo dr'ce, Lvhof rb
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Lecture 18 - , (o^b,.n".t.>6 t?venJs of cdaylimenl?/ @en.f...

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