Lecture 20 - 'JO Le-cfut

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Le-cfut<- 'JO ?^l^- r- ^^. llErKlvru-l.- .a FniTulo €von* E. Fe.re Xndependen) t€anJonly it P(enr) = P(r:)ptr\ E1', Tuss ct Coin -1u1n it'v>es - P( nr): P(H)?n) ='t"+ E3'. trav ,oln. TosS *hree *tnoer", Euen+ E i &tan even nvmbr of heal6, Euen+ F". Fi'rc+ -io"s rs a for'I. p1p) t/z P ( r:) Pqir\ -t ?o1il ,rV ttrH\n (rtt I = t/g * L/6 + tr, t \., : l)2 ?(E nF) /Tn rt) rfTl-I) = /74 = t/r1, So infud ?(En tr\=P(APl 4 ro *hesee*rtts avp independerri, lL)h'/ ave *hese indepq.d"n+ ? Tj-firs+ iuse is ehed: l/eeJ odd 71vmkr osAa,& in ferrrafnrhg *arses. ff ftrs+ locr ri c- toil: rlteed 6vg6 Lurnloe)^ of heads in rema.inilr"3 J6sses. How do *hee hvnbe-rs Cornporu ? ll tlow CrSrr* Wilh l< /€trrar'n/'nq +ossesP Loov oi t] ye6u'rst/61, '. Consid+v- on *he l?er] .Joss. lloo /oolr o-f Ig.SI If -l 'liassg\s_ LohS Ori uanal+ Z (t) Sr:bseto€ ).f relnornl\9 crF hqr dc, 1i;) S,ibse"tos-1,6 t ro,nrg *orses, uti+t, dA nurnF of hftr.dj 16gps t'ut*h lt/€h, ntwpT
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(i) io+subse9 wd*h ewn nttnbv oFby'd,s'. (!) r(t) _ ..,r (uyl) =K ,f 'e,nn r,'i) do F subsets ,,;Y;: i:;*1 o e Aeud s ?
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Lecture 20 - 'JO Le-cfut

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