Lecture 21 - I" l Spam Assrrre rtJS.tn'e(fyan hone...

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, L eclure ) \ Tkyes -Thearern; Ptok. A I Sorne ,... coor€ B P(A I c.o) = : 5orne t,C coVfey Rr lc,, o tt = p(c(! r+) pr*) D tcc 1 11 P ta\ r P t cc 1 s\t16 61 8avP6 llWrau'. E *tr eVenlr frarn &mpleq [email protected] wt'*h P(E)+o ",nd P(i=\lo -fhen, P/r 16'1 .:lglF) MD - PtEttr)P( F) ptr:) ?(Elt=)ptrl +pf6tF)p/F) Ihc plcrres A,,Ar,-. . ,An EXI fuledrZqt T€s1ing ! Hcrue q bboJ fes* 4r o. dr3ecae 3$ hove dr.ta.s '. 4eo* tj looYc occwste. f{ dor.'l .h<,ue ol,sscqye i l"t, qf *imc le. .t rs porhve * (4-,'-,r,o\ Pre,ebnte of s]rseala. I rh locso Grven a pa;tve- lec-l r wl,,?+ 6 the pvababiiV tn, Lcv,. fl^e' A"t'"o = -p(cclA,\ p(4,) { P;rt,q NT P( Dr; I P"s ,oJ = P t vd ldrs) p/d,r\ t{Acs ldu'\ifdrl.l l(pos) ". tu) Pho J1 = Ct)(t/t"',\ t ( t\(t4,-\+({\/S\ I c:o tcr{ t'Lc? ? ( 1a) pl,a) Ptcc\ P(A,l cc) = PCcc 1,4,) pr,a,1 = DC cc I ,t ,\ y(r+,\ p(tclA,l p(A,\ + p(cc I Aj\PU,l DLe c\
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Pp', sgam F'l+er : An enw}t conhirs lhe ward'bler+'.' lVbo* rl *he prolr<,b;ray the* )he epto,1 ,g Wnl t€r Ptsmn
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Unformatted text preview: I ". l*+) Spam. Assrrre rtJS,.tn'e ?(fyan hone hv€ I aler r\ 5orc 5pon Lo r*n no,n -rpt.l| t\e ttuge6 t b o conl"tth'&tet+," t 5 contor"olev1" I to, : *,,:.1,r'l yz t ry*,,\ + pk w,r L ii s*^l p ( non r r-.\-- (ttt",) (vs) @ €€;E\ _ 10- B oao )o.l 3ooo'3-6-o EX'. 5rr- fr'ie- wllh 7 uor& /llesgo'1e crzndrys "6vorenle't * "q?f.,t" Qroh OE Syam? Simplfv,€ esS<tvnphun. . v)otlt o.e,o. . indepenAentl l. E1= r...ntr^ "X,,,',r-l-tvt, E- a Cot t:Jin " dth' n ) - ) l?crr P(3tEr4l2>\ = D(Ernqlf) pfr) ft\ ^ , ' l \ = !l3l_s\J!e-ts) vi ?( E,ts\ pG,I s) pd + p Liiir w?" vs) .vcs) 4'. vtr,1t1: folrocy ptfaLsl-7 r I doau ,a ttl -ra/e)) rt qt P CE,t77 = 3 I 6 uo b tE>t,C\. 6 lf,oat Ft€ )-Lry.--I: 2oqq9 rercl 12hre o+ q: ,rcrvrdrae-::r&na.hle 6| Xl fla,, sawlple +LA ltfu L6L tbe de !r/rL c o.yd P *-E (A; f pts\rre) hnt{9 tpo.re fv/ry l ^ -5. Vavrehae of X rs VLx\= t vLl-LytA-E+t? = 1 ulr) v,Q\=EJfi-...
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This note was uploaded on 02/05/2009 for the course MATH 2800 taught by Professor Mitchell during the Fall '08 term at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Lecture 21 - I" l Spam Assrrre rtJS.tn'e(fyan hone...

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