PSW _1 motion in 1-dim unit 2 - speeder in 750 m,...

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GENERAL PHYSICS I-SECTIONS 43 AND 44 1 Motion in One Dimension An airplane travels 3100 km at a speed of 720 km/h, and then encounters a tailwind that boosts its speed to 990 km/h for the next 2800 km. What was the average speed of the plane for this trip? A police car at rest, passed by a speeder traveling at a constant 130 km / h, takes off in hot pursuit. The police officer catches up to the
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Unformatted text preview: speeder in 750 m, maintaining a constant acceleration. Calculate the speed of the police car at the overtaking point. A rocket rises vertically, from rest, with an acceleration of 3.2 m/s 2 until it runs out of fuel at an altitude of 950 m. After this point, its acceleration is that of gravity, downward. How long (total) is it in the air? PSW 1 Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3...
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