2008 CHA101L Mini-guide

2008 CHA101L Mini-guide - Mini-Study Guide for CHA 101L by...

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Mini-Study Guide for CHA 101L by Marc Dadios Disclaimer: This is by no means a comprehensive guide… I just wanted to clarify some points and to point out what I think will be important for the final. In particular… I wanted to mention some things about the pharynx/larynx, nasal cavity, oral cavity, notes for the blood supply of brain, and notes for the cranial nerves that people are still confused about. Pharynx: Innervation: - Sensory o Nasopharynx: Maxillary (CN V2) Remember Maxillary innervates maxilla region. .. Also nasal cavity! o Oropharynx and Hypopharynx: Glossopharyngeal (CN 9) - Motor o All except Stylopharyngeus: Vagus (CN 10) o Stylopharyngeus: Glossopharyngeal (CN 9) NOTE: This nerve FOLLOWS that muscle. Muscles/Structures: Nasopharynx - Salpingopharyngeus : Body of this muscle lies in the Nasopharynx . It is the muscle right next to the auditory tube! - Auditory tube: Lies anterior and inferior to the Salpingopharyngeus muscle. - Pharyngeal Tonsils: Lies in a groove posterior to the Salpingopharyngeus muscle. Oropharynx – Boundaries: From the soft palate to the epiglottis - Palatopharyngeus: Lies on the palatopharyngeal arch o NOTE: To find this… Look for the palatoglossal arch with the palatoglossus muscle. Posterior to the arch/muscle you have the groove of the palatine tonsils. Posterior to that you have the palatopharyngeal arch with the palatopharyngeus muscle on it! - Stylopharyngeus: Goes from the styloid process and inserts on the pharynx. (specifically on the inferior portion of the Superior constrictor) o NOTE: The glossopharyngeal nerve (CN 9) innervates AND follows this muscle!!
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Hypopharynx (A.K.A. Laryngeal pharynx) – found inferior to the epiglottis - Piriform Recess: Found inferior and lateral to your epiglottis in the hypopharynx. This area is relevant because if you eat a fish bone, you run the risk of poking through this thin wall and piercing your Superior laryngeal and Recurrent laryngeal nerves (from the Vagus nerve). Random notes about the Larynx
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2008 CHA101L Mini-guide - Mini-Study Guide for CHA 101L by...

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