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Econ 185 AIS Exam #1 Fall 2007 Directions : Place your answers to the following questions into a blank blue book. Make sure all pages are present, do not remove any pages. Write clearly, concisely, and legibly. You must answer questions 1 and 2 which are worth 15 points each. You may only answer 2 of the remaining 3 questions provided. Each of these questions is worth a maximum of 15 points. The exam totals 60 points. Hobie Designs, Inc. manufactures surfboards, sailboats, sunglasses, kayaks, and clothing. Customers are authorized dealers who sell Hobie products worldwide. Dealers place orders with Hobie’s sales representatives located at their corporate headquarters in San Juan Capistrano. Each sales representative forwards a copy of the order to the warehouse/shipping personnel who locate the product(s) and ships the product(s) to the dealer including a shipping notice which is then forwarded to the billing department as evidence of shipment. The billing department, upon receipt of the shipping notice, creates and invoice and sends the invoice to the dealer, updates accounts receivable records, and keeps a copy. Dealers make payments monthly to the cashier along with a remittance advice torn off the invoice received. When payments are received by the cashier they are deposited to the bank daily. The cashier marks the remittance advice as paid and send it to the billing department. The billing department updates accounts receivable records and files the marked up remittance advice. 1. (15) Prepare an ER diagram of the sales process described above with cardinalities. 2. (15) Design tables needed for the sales process described above. For each table identify the data fields necessary. 3.
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Econ_185_AIS_Exam_1_Fall_07 - Econ 185 AIS Exam #1 Fall...

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