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lipid bilayer handout

lipid bilayer handout - 8:41 PM signal receptors signal...

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6/7/08 8:41 PM signal receptors signal transduction proteins o many are tether to the mb; receive signal from the outside world and might change the overall structure of the receptor, and then that signal will be transduced/brought into the cell through a series of protein/structural changes. cell to cell communication /tethering. Tight cell junctions interaction with the cytoskeleton o all these proteins that give cells shape or allow to change shapes. Enzymes (especially lipid metabolism that are in the mb). ion/water transport Electron transport chain Membrane fusion. o endocytosis or exocytosis Fig 11-1 Various permeability through the mb. o Hydrophobic molecules Very permeable o small uncharged polar molecule like water some what permeable o large polar uncharged molecules barely permeable o ions surrounded in the charge not permeable Fig 11-28 lehn
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give up the hydration shell when go through the mb and then rehydrated.
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