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7.03 Recitation -- Section Week 13 TA: Mike Gaviño Email: [email protected] OH: Tuesday 7-8pm in Stata, first floor Concepts Questions for Lectures #30, 31, 32: 1. What factors can cause a population to stray from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? What is inbreeding? What is the inbreeding coefficient F? How does inbreeding affect H-W equilibrium? 2. When a disease-causing allele is identified in humans how can the function of the gene be studied? What questions can one address through the use of transgenics? Is transgenic research done in humans? Why are mice suitable models for studying human disease? 3. What is the difference between targeted and non-targeted transgenic mice? What are the advantages to targeting a transgene? How can DNA be inserted into cells in each case? How is the DNA integrated into the host genome once inside the cell in each case? 4. What DNA elements are important for targeted transgenic constructs? Non- targeted constructs? What are ganciclovir and G-418 (neomycin)? 5. How can tissue specific transgenes be created? What are loxP sites and Cre recombinase? Where would you want to insert loxP sites in order to knockout a specific gene? What kind of promoter would you attach to the Cre gene? 6. How can a knockout event be induced at a specific time in mouse development? What is the TetA and TetO? How is the Tet protein kept from activating genes with the tetO promoter? How is expression of these genes then turned on? Questions based on Lectures #30, 31, 32: Inbreeding coefficient What is the inbreeding coefficient F for an individual that is the product of a marriage of first cousins?
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MG-section_week_13-answers - 7. TA:MikeGavio...

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