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7.03 Recitation -- Week Five TA: Mike Gaviño Email: Concept Questions from Lectures #10, 11, 12: 1. How are genes expressed? What is a promoter? What other sequences are necessary for a gene to function? What are introns? How are these spliced out reliably? 2. Is a cell’s DNA comprised only of protein coding genes? What is non- coding DNA? What properties define much of these non-coding sequences? What is a tandem versus an inverted repeat? How do these regions of DNA affect crossing over in meiosis? 3. What chromosomal abnormalities can result from inappropriate crossing over between repeat DNA sequences? What are deletions and duplications? Are deletions more likely to cause a recessive or dominant phenotype? Duplications? Are the gametes generated by individuals with deletions or duplications inviable? 4. What is a chromosomal inversion? What crossover events lead to an inversion? How can this sort of mutation be deleterious? How can heterozygote individuals for an inversion produce inviable gametes? What are dicentric and acentric chromosomes? 5. What is a translocation? How is a translocation generated? In what circumstances does this sort of chromosomal rearrangement lead to a mutant phenotype? What gametes result in an individual who has a translocation? Are all of these gametes viable? 6. Are all genetic mutations due to gross chromosomal abnormalities? What
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MG_section_week5-answers - 7.03RecitationWeekFive...

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