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7.03 Recitation -- Week Eight TA: Mike Gaviño Email: Concept Questions from Lectures #19, 20, 21: 1. How is gene expression regulated in prokaryotes? What proteins and regulatory DNA sequences are often found? In Eukaryotes? 2. What is a “regulatory” mutation? What kinds of mutations does this encompass? What is a reporter? Why is a reporter or a simple assay needed for studying regulation of a pathway? 3. What are cis and trans mutants? Can a cis mutant be unlinked to the gene it regulates? A trans mutant? What are cis and trans heterozygotes? Will a cis mutant behave differently in a cis vs. a trans heterozygote? 4. What is an epistasis test? What does it mean for a gene to be epistatic to another gene? How does this allow for the ordering of genes in a regulatory pathway? Questions based on Lectures #19, 20, 21: Analyzing a gene regulation pathway in yeast: You are interested in studying the regulation of the yeast enzyme Enz1, whose expression is induced by a small molecule inducer. You isolate two regulatory
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MG-section_week_8-answers - 7.03RecitationWeekEight...

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