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7.05 Exam 1 Review Handout Review Session: Wednesday, Feb. 27, 7 8 PM in 34 101 1. Acid Base Chemistry a. Brønsted Lowry i. Acid: proton donor ii. Base: proton acceptor b. Lewis i. Acid: electron pair acceptor ii. Base: electron pair donor c. K w , K a , K b , pH, pOH d. Strong acids i. Properties: complete dissociation, high K a ’s, low pK a ’s e. Weak acids i. Properties: modest to poor dissociation, low K a ’s, high pK a ’s f. Buffers i. Making a buffer ii. Buffering in biological systems g. Titration curves i. Monoprotic acid: single step titration curve ii. Polyprotic acid: multi step titration curve h. Henderson Hasselbach Equation and its uses: pH g ሾୠୟୱ ሿ ሾୟ ൌ pK ൅lo ሺ ୡ୧ୢሿ 2. Amino Acids a. Structures b. pKa of ionizable groups c. Properties: hydrophobic, alcohol, sulfur, aromatic, anion, amide, cation d. Possible modifications i. Phosphorylation: serine, threonine, tyrosine ii. γ‐ Carboxylation: glutamic acid iii. Hydroxylation: proline 3. Protein Purification a.
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7.05 - 7.05Exam1ReviewHandout...

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