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7.05 Exam 2 Review: Outline of Topics Covered in Lecture Review Session: Wednesday, April 2, 7-8 PM in 34-101 Laura Jacox and David Garcia Lecture 9: DNA Definitions (e.g. base, nucleoside, nucleotide), Structures, numbering of atoms in base and sugar, properties of DNA polymers Features of Watson-Crick model, handedness, implication for replication Isoteric Base Pairs Major and Minor Groove, accessibility for proteins Forces that stabilize double helix Ways to melt DNA RNA- secondary structure Types of nucleic acid double helices 10: DNA Replication- Semiconservative Meselson and Stahl Experiment DNA Polymerase I: -Activity assay, properties, polymerization mechanism, structure -Activities: polymerase, two distinct exonuclease activities Proofreading E. coli DNA Pol III DNA Replication Fork, Lagging Stand Synthesis Topological Issues- DNA helicases, supercoiling Topoisomerase Families I and II 11: Method of Sequencing using DNA polymerase Differences between DNA Replication and RNA polymerization Bacterial RNA Pol Holoenzyme Transcription: Initiation, Elongation, Termination Transcription Control Paradigms/Regulation Eukaryotic Transcription Anatomy of Pol II transcripts: prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic Processing/Modification of Eukaryotic mRNAs- 5’ Cap, Poly(A) Tail 12:
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The Genetic Code -triplet code, degeneracy -tRNA structure including use of non-W-C base pairs and non-standard bases Cracking the Code -Crick and Brenner’s observations -in vitro translation system/biochemical assay -Nirenberg poly(U) experiment -Khorana’s poly-tri and poly-tetranucleotide experiments -Nirenberg’s assay utilizing radiolabeled amino acids, synthetic trinucleotides, nitrocellulose filter, etc.
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7.05_Exam_2_Outline - 7.05 Exam 2 Review: Outline of Topics...

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