Holocaust Midterm review

Holocaust Midterm review - New Testament A) Written by...

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New Testament A) Written by Christians a. Purpose : to suggests that the Jews killed Jesus. It describes Pilate as saying he washes his hands of Jesus and someone who did not see why Jesus had to die, leaving his punishment to be decided by the Jews . This telling however is contrary to what we know historically about the era - mainly that Pilate was very cruel and that crucifixion was a Roman punishment, not a Jewish one. b. Historical context : written when the last people who knew Jesus were dying…60’s-110 A.D. B) Significance of text in relation to key concepts covered in course: the origins of anti-Jewish beliefs. The description of the crucifixion of Jesus in these two Gospels is evidence of a tradition of anti-Jewish beliefs that continued well into modern times. The Anti-Jewish sentiments in the Bible are subtle if you don’t know about the history but if you do then you can see that there are lies about Pilate being a good king and just giving Jesus up to the Jews and the Jews were the ones who wanted him killed. C) Identify ideas or characterizations of Jews borrowed from other primary sources or thinkers covered : Bible was pretty much one of the first Anti- Jewish documents written. D) Possible influence of document on later documents and/or events : We see its influence in the Medieval laws. Here they are Anti-Jewish but not Anti- Semitic because they think Jews can change and convert. They are anti- Jewish because they still think being Jewish is bad and that the religion is not as good as Christianity, but the laws aren’t against Jewish people as a race. Because they believe that Judaism is a “bad” religion but not a race shows that it is anti-Jewish. Influence can also be found in Martin Luther's 1 st essay: he says that we should be nice to the Jews and teach them the ways of Christianity, but not through force. This is an anti-Jewish document because it says that Jews can be converted and it is not their Jewishness that is bad, it’s their religion. Luther is sympathetic towards the Jews and sees them as potential converts. “Jewry in Music” A) Written by Richard Wagner a. Purpose : To inform people that Jews were tainting art and could never make art like Germans could. The purpose was to make Germans see that Jews were innately different and that everyone NATURALLY feels disgust towards them and never wants to near them. It is involuntary repellence. b. Historical context : written during the emancipation of Jews in Germany when Jews were competing with Germans for jobs and such. Written 1850’s. Dissention of culture because Jews were being integrated. B) Significance of text in relation to key concepts covered in course
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Holocaust Midterm review - New Testament A) Written by...

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