Film A Birthday Trip in Hell video for Holocaust

Film A Birthday Trip in Hell video for Holocaust - OUTLIVE...

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Film A Birthday Trip in Hell: Angle/position of photographs? Different than what I expected? o Comparison to wealthier Germans walking near/in ghetto o Seems like these photos would bring a lot of guilt and shame, must be hard to take these types of pictures of young starving kids. o Grave picture Jewish response to persecution, sufferings, to order of Nazis? o Graveyard, skeletons, panic, without food for a meal, or clothes o If war drags on survival is hopeless o Man got married in secret o No trees or benches or parks o Public prayer is forbidden, but they pray in groups in secret o Schools are illegal but people are still learning secretly, lending libraries=culture is still continuing, smuggled newspapers, charities ( passive resistance -there was a very strong impulse to continue a communal existence, to create culture, to continue institutions of one’s community, any effort to foil attempt or goals of Nazis to resist humiliation and degradation)—cultural survival. They needed to
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Unformatted text preview: OUTLIVE the Nazis and War . Hope and pray and just survive until the war was over and then they’d be free. They didn’t know that conditions would worsen though (extermination). o Some people get angry for performances/music/play for children o Make the Jews wonder if they’ve sinned more than others? Are they doomed for total destruction? No one in the world cares for us? o Desensitization—Jews become indifferent to death and don’t inquire about relatives or go to the cemetery o Compliance o “identification with the aggressor” o Attempts to adapt to ghetto life and conditions (smuggling, children growing up fast) o Hope for the wars end (greatest hope they had, fate was a product of the war) o Disbelief/despair at lack of international or local responses to their plight o Self-preservation (stealing) o...
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