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HW1 - at [email protected] In order to avoid your files...

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COT 3502 Computer Model Formulation Spring 2008 Homework #1 Due Tuesday, January 22. Notes 1. All problem numbers refer to the 5 th edition of “Numerical Methods for Engineers” by Chapra and Canale. In order to avoid confusion with problem numbers from the older editions, relevant pages from the textbook will be scanned and posted on the course website. 2. You should write a Visual Basic program to perform all numerical calculations to solve the problems below. Please create a separate Excel file for each of the problems. This file should contain your VB code with sufficient comments and an Excel spreadsheet with your results (numerical data and plots, if applicable). Please e-mail the files with your solutions to Jeff Hawkins
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Unformatted text preview: at [email protected] In order to avoid your files getting misplaced, please name them as follows: <YourLastName>-HW1-P<problem#>.xls 3. In addition, some of the assigned problems require you to first formulate a model before solving equations numerically. In this case, you should turn in your hand-written model formulation in class. 1. Problem 1.13 from the textbook. Note that there is a typo in the 5 th edition of the textbook in the problem statement – please see the scanned pages on the course website. 2. Problem 1.17 from the textbook. 3. Problem 2.19a from the textbook. 4. Problem 2.6 from the textbook. 5. Problem 2.16 from the textbook....
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