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Baker Lacey Lovely War - Lacey Baker Professor Holtcamp...

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Professor Holtcamp THEA 200 21 November 2007 Oh! What a Lovely War Essay Exam Design implies a mindful attempt to make something that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The four elements of design are the set, costumes, lighting and sound. They are all fundamental components of theatre, supporting the concepts of the action and bringing to mind emotional responses of the spectators. These parts are so important, because they create the atmosphere of the theatre, paralleling the script to make it come to life. For this essay on the remarkable play Oh! What a Lovely War , I have chosen to touch on the subjects of set and costume. The play, of course, is set in the era of World War I. It is a brief satire of the war, ironically critiquing the reality of life throughout warfare. Entering the theatre, the viewer is thrust into the battlefield, walking around sandbags, bending under hanging ropes, and slinking past rusted metal siding nailed onto the walls. Ominous men cloaked in black stood guard, wearing frightening gas masks and ready to escape through clouds of poisonous gas at any second. These are only some of the first, striking qualities of the set that caught my eye. I liked how realistic it was, how the lights were never raised past a certain point. The set was very interactive, even, with characters appearing and speaking from all four
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Baker Lacey Lovely War - Lacey Baker Professor Holtcamp...

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