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7.05 – Section 05 03/05/2008 TA: Simona Tescu Email: RECITATION #4 Solutions P1) NTP has an extra 2’OH. P2) a, b, c, d P3) a, d, c P4) Because DNA polymerases are unable to initiate DNA chains de novo, and because they require a primer with a 3’OH group, short RNA chains are used as primers to start DNA replication on the leading strand at the origin of replication and to initiate the Okazaki fragments of the lagging strand. P5) Because thymidylate synthase is inactivated, the supply of dTTP is insufficient to support the synthesis of DNA at normal rates. If DNA synthesis is suppressed, so will be the rate of division of the tumor cells. This type of treatment takes advantage of the fact that tumor cells divide more rapidly than do normal cells. The dosage of the drug is adjusted so that it will primarily affect more rapidly dividing cells. However, the division of some normally rapidly dividing cells, for example those lining the intestinal track and blood forming cells, may be retarded as well. P6) a) 30% T, 20% A, 15% G, 35 %C b) 25% A, 25% T, 25% C, 25% G. The base composition of the double strand is the average of that of the two single strands. P7)
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Recitation_4-Simona-solutions - 7.05 Section 05 TA: Simona...

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